1. The Postelles - White Night

  2. I chose this version over one with an actual video because it’s much clearer. It’s a sort-of-cover of David Bowie’s Life on Mars? and in all honesty I like it better by Seu Jorge. He sounds like such a crooner.

    When things from the heart can’t comprehend
    For the mind is not keen or able to obey
    How many dreams I’ve destroyed and let go from my hands
    If my future thus allows, I shall not live in vain
    Love, we’re not alone
    There’s a world expecting us
    The infinite blue sky
    There may well be life on Mars

  3. I hated this song the first time I heard it but just like a few others that I’ve posted, it caught on. This version isn’t as good as the radio version… Oh well. You give a little, you get a little.

  4. luigimonstre:



  5. Hello, my first love. Remember when I hated Tokyo Police Club just because you liked them? I wanted so badly to get under your skin; all we had in common was music. So easy to tease. But I’ve always loved them and I’m sure you knew. Thank you for playing my petty games.

  6. Look! It’s all Banksy! It’s a little sad but that’s what you get from an amazing artist sometimes. I can’t believe I missed it on television.

  7. I need a little bit of Yotsuba to turn my frown upside down. Now now, I’m not going to spam my blog with her adorable antics so go read it on your own!

    Oh yeah, and in case some freak accident happens and the creator sees this, it’s copyrighted to a bunch of places that I’m sure you can look up on wikipedia.56899999999999999999

    My cat stepped on the keyboard RIGHT as I clicked on save changes, so in her honor I’ll bold and leave it.

  8. When Will I See You?

    I have a lot of bands to see before I die. I wish I could whine to all of the world, but instead I’ll just start listing them and why.

    • Tokyo Police Club; They’re fast beat and fun to sing along to plus they’re one of my favorite bands.
    • Yeah Yeah Yeahs; Because I like the memory of Him. (Not god, if that’s what you thought.)
    • Bon Iver; Slow and acoustic but still amazing to hear live.
    • William Fitzsimmons; Same reason as the last but I actually like him better than Bon Iver…
    • Gogol Bordello; I think that would be like getting my ears molested, but in a good way! :D
    • Local Natives; They’re basically the only band I’m listening to repeatedly lately.